Welcome to Sunset Camper Hire
We are a family run business based in Cornwall who enjoy the campervan experience. For many years we have been holidaying in our VW campervan throughout the UK and can happily recommend many campsites and places we've been. Our camping holidays have inspired us to set up this family business as we would like other people to have the enjoyment you can get from the campervan experience.

Leaving old life!.JPG


Sunset Camper hire was set up in 2017 by Simon and Heidi so you guys can enjoy vintage Vw Campervans as we have with our family over the years.
The turn of the New Year in 2018 saw us relocate to Cornwall from the midlands to follow our dream of living locally to, what we believe, is the best coastline in the Uk.
You too can visit the iconic coastline that Cornwall or Devon have to offer or the numerous heritage locations and sites too create memories that will stay with the family forever as we have.


Snow'ed In!

We moved to Cornwall in February 2019 leaving behind Bedfordshire for sandy cove’s and turquoise sea’s. Within the first week we hit our first hurdle, Snow! Yep snowed in within a couple of days of being here!


Once settled in kids all in at schools, house straight 'ish' etc, attention had turned to hiring out Alfie. Our first hire was to a lovely family from London who spent a weekend at Rock, at a music festival and then over to Salcombe in Devon. We also did a wedding with Tan! taking the bride and bridesmaids to the wedding of an actor starring in ‘Doc Martin’ and the recent ‘The Confession’ on ITV to the beautiful Pencarrow House & Gardens.