Meet Tan

Here we'll let you know what's included in hiring Tan and what features he has in more detail.


Tan is one of 50 conversions built in 1977 to celebrate the company 'Devon's 21st birthday in the conversion business. As this fall's on the Queen's silver jubilee they where given the blue theme on the units etc and given the name Devon 21.

I've only seen one more and know of one other, so fairly rare!

If anyone seen another let's us Know!

Tan's a little different to Alfie with a few modification's to enhance the driving experience but still keeping his charm. Inside the cab are three seats with standard seat belts and a heater for use whilst driving. Out back is, again, a rock n roll seat/bed but with three lap seat belts. He's fitted with a 2.0l Subaru engine which makes for effortless driving. Servo operated brakes have been installed to give safer braking.

Although Tan has the ability to carry six passengers he will only sleep four, with two adults on the rock n roll bed and when the pop top is extended two bunk beds for children. All utensils needed, example spoons, forks bowls etc, for four people are all inside the campervan a full list of itinerary can be found here click the link below.




vw camper Drivers seat!

There is a two hob original cooker with a grill. Also sink with running cold water again original units. A small cool box is built under the sink with space for a few cold drinks etc.

Hopefully this is enough information, any questions please ask.

Rear seat/bed
Cooler box
One bunk
Cooker unit